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OMG ! After such a final I want to change few of my ships of my NG :'') 

114 deviants said Do it !
15 deviants said Nuh please don't...

What do you want to see next about my Next Gen ? 

49 deviants said Maybe ships (≧ω≦)
21 deviants said More references !
14 deviants said Regular interactions.
13 deviants said Few headcanons ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
6 deviants said Sketches / ideas ?
I was tagged by :iconmarufrog: (a long time ago...)


1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other characters.

4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars
Melinda by Seleniium

1- She used to go on adventures with Aydan when they were kids until her parents forbid her to, because it would often lead to a disaster.

2- She has a complicated relationship with her sister Flurry Heart. Melinda feels like nobody understands what she wants so she simply pushes others away, mostly her family.

3- She's actually very open minded and doesn't care about origins or species. She sees everyone as equals.

4- Melinda wants to leave and travel all around the world no matter what her parents say.

5- She enjoys company of both stallions and mares even though she still hasn't find her special pony.

6- She loves rain.

7- She's a really bad cooker.

8- She almost never get sick but when she does, you know it's bad.


I was tagged by :iconfaedeedraws: (I can't even remember when I got tagged ;w;) (Wink)

Zephyr by Seleniium

1- She gets really jealous if anypony touches her girl.

2- She has OCD.

3- She believes in ghost.

4- She acts brave and all but it's just for show.

5- She strongly dislikes Radiant Grace for not being nice to Dawning Paw.

6- She's one of the fastest flyer of all Equestria. She's a Wonderbolt trainee, her supervisor is Soarin.

7- She has a mole on the left cheek.

8- Heather (Scootaloo & Gabriela's daughter) is always asking Zephyr questions about the Wonderbolts. It's kind of annoying and cute at the same time.


I was tagged by :iconmarufrog:

Celestial Monarch by Seleniium

1- Naturally they are very powerful, even more than their mother, the only creatures as strong or stronger than them are Discord and Radiant Grace.

2- They are the SWEETEST !! They'll do anything to help their friends.

3- Mona doesn't have a defined gender and is referred to as "they" or "them". People usually think Mona is a mare and say "she" whenever they talk about them.

4- They are very protective over their people.

5- Thorax is the host of many dinners where he's joined by Discord, Starlight and Trixie. Because of that Mona had the chance to meet Ambrosia, Shining Apple, Radiant Grace, Dawning Paw and Eris.

6- Radiant Grace likes to hang out at the castle, which caused many strange encounters with Mona and awkward moments.

7- They don't have a cutie mark and no one knows if they are ever going to have one.

8- Loneliness makes them very anxious.


Now let's tag some people !!

:iconkmwolf: Sparrow

:iconpugoii: Aurora

:iconsilcy: Peachy Pie

:iconjohnathan-leviathan: Moonstone

:icondaydreamdollop: Esperite Essence

:icontinttiyo: Polar Skies

:iconfaunmagi: Glossolalia

:iconsoulnik: Sunspot
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Pikoko just uploaded this : Swift Wing by Pikokko while I was drawing my sweet Ember/Rarity child. I was like : "oh yeah he's looking good, original, I really like that wing gradient I gave him... "Little Ricky by SeleniiumOh well...
I just woke up... it's 15:27. I don't get it, what happened ?
I have so many WIPs,designs I never used and sketches that I will never finish... :') Maybe you want to take a look at those ? To celebrate the 1000+ watchers perhaps...
Everything is working properly !! Finally !
I have some issus with my connexion, I just can't seem to be able to go on the interrnet from my computer. I want to share my last artworks with you so bad :'| anyway I hope I'll be able to fix that asap.
Do you have any name suggestions for a Spike x Thorax child ?
Pumpkin x Luna by Seleniium

Someone asked for more of these two so here you go ! :)
Looks like somepony got a new design :3 and a new name
Heather 2.0 by Seleniium
Someone asked to see a fight between Melinda and her parents so here it is... I don't know if I'll clean it up and make a dialogue up for it. You can leave more suggestions about what you want to see from me :)
Fight by Seleniium
I don't know what to draw ;n; I want to draw more of my next gen so if you have any ideas, you can leave a comment :l


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